About The Pretty Bird

Hi. I’m Victoria. And I like birds.

I like chickens and chickadees and swallows and sparrows and, well, you get the idea. One day somebody I like a lot complained that only the little ugly birds came to her yard and I took offense. At taking offense, I realized that I wasn’t thinking about birds. I was thinking about prettiness and ugliness, in all its manifest forms. About what makes one creature–feathered or no–pretty, desirable, as a guest on the premises. And about that premise: a velvet rope at the bird feeder, a well-muscled grackle lifting the barrier for a green hummingbird or a little bluebird singing a song. What about the grackle? And the geese that shit everywhere, flapping their massive wings? Beauty is strange.

Anyway, I’m a writer. I write fiction about people, not birds. I write fiction, I dabble in sewing and carpentry, and I keep a garden, and I read too much internet crap, and I manage my time badly, and I rant, a lot, about the vast gulf between the world I want to live in and the world I see all around me. I’ll be ranting here, at The Pretty Bird, from now on.

Ten relevant factoids:

1. I live in Indianapolis. I live here because I like it. I resent the fuck out of dismissive talk about “flyover”states. There’s probably a bird pun to be had here, but fuck it: My town is awesome. If you don’t agree, live somewhere else. I’m not particularly good with puns anyway. I generally consider this a virtue.

2. I teach freshman comp for a living. I secretly think it’s kinda fun.

3. My husband and I remodeled our kitchen last winter. We blogged about it here. The only things we paid people to do were move the gas line and haul off the garbage. I like to make shit.

4. The world is a vampire.

5. If you in any way think that women belong in the kitchen/home/barefoot/pregnant, you probably don’t belong at The Pretty Bird. The world is your oyster. My little journal is not.

6. I grew up half an hour from where I live now. Then I went an hour north to college, and 24 hours southwest to graduate school. I spent my honeymoon in San Francisco and Napa and visited New York for the first time a few years ago. I’ve been a few other places, including five cities in China. With a handful of exceptions, I am perpetually homesick for every place I’ve ever been. The places I don’t live infect my dreams.

7. Vivid, affecting dreams come to me every single night. Sometimes I wake up confused, or hurt, or thrilled. The dreams are about the past or the future. Maybe I’ll tell you about an interesting one, some day.

8. I used to love movies. When I was in college, a long time ago, I would put a movie in my VCR (see: a long time ago) and leave it playing while I went to sleep each night. Sometime around 9/11 I stopped liking movies at all. I don’t blame 9/11. I don’t have any idea why I don’t like movies any more, and feel bad because my fine feathered husband loves them, and has to go with other people most of the time.

9. The cats are in charge around here. This is unusual for a bird, but no less true.

10. You can learn more about me, the fiction writer & etc, at my web site. Everything it says is true.


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